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Shanghai Crown Industry Co.,Ltd
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Marketing Specialist:


1, complete the sales payment and working target assigned by supervisor;

2, in the jurisdiction of the county market distribution and county-level market township market distribution display etc.;

3, according to the plan and requirements of customer visits, and fill dealer visits tracking table and terminal call table;

4, according to the requirements of customer files, and maintain good customer relations;

5, collect the market and competition information, timely reporting supervisor;

6, market survey, found to have market potential area and customer;

Job Requirements

Gender not limited to, 23-40 years old

1, technical secondary school or above, know computer operation, have the strong expression ability, quick thinking, good interpersonal and communication skills;

2, requirement responsibility heart is strong, hard-working, work enthusiasm and initiative, honest and credible, full of team spirit;

3, enjoy learning, innovation, the pursuit of excellence, the courage to accept the challenge, there is more than one year work experience is preferred.