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Shanghai Crown Industry Co.,Ltd
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Name: David Wu
Tel: +86-21-53080612
Fax: +86-021-53080601
Mobile: +86-18701932038
E-mail: info@amcrown.com
Add: 3F, No.668 East Beijing Rd, Shanghai, China. ZIP.: 200001
Skype: uswinwin
MSN: winwinus@hotmail.com
MSN: winwinus@hotmail.com Skype: uswinwin

About Us


Shanghai crown industry co., ltd is established in 1980 and is a subsidiary of the Am Crown Holding Group, which is founded by Chinese-American Steven Woo It’s the one of the earliest cloth manufacturers to explore the overseas cloth market. Company origins from a 50 people’s team and grows into today’s 7800 people’s large company, owning 1.2 billion’s fixed assets. Company has set 6 factories all over china, which are located in Shanghai, Chongqing, Chengdu,Xi An, Luoyang, and Ordos. And the total area of the factories is about 150,000 square meters. At thee same time, company is very positive to apply the international standard and we have passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system and ISO4001: 2004 Environmental Management System Certification. What’s more. We have implemented 5S modern management method and office automation.


          We take lots of orders from world’s Fortune 500 and many famous cloth brand operators. Now company has formed cloth manufacturing structure that women’s wear becomes our main manufactured products and the unifrom, men wear, kid wear, jeans etc are also manufactured. There are about 40 cloth production lines. Our annual manufacturing capability is 18 million pieces of cloth and our annual sales amount is 4.8 billions’ RMB. Although we have become the leader in cloth manufacturing or OEM area, we still keep positivity to work hard and innovate in order to get more breakthrough. Now we have cooperated with many cloth design organization and cloth major’s college to broaden our design and research methods. In order to introduce the advanced design conception in products, we hire lots of designers study and come back to china from Italy and France. Therefore a team with about 300 design and plate making technician is formed. And the motto of our company is “cloth of crown, the crown in the cloth.” We are sincerely to cooperate with customers all over world to develop the cloth area and make contribution to the cloth area.


         Besides that our company is also very active in charity activity and we donate lots of cloth to African poor people and children. We believe that cloth not only can bring people beauty but also can bring people warmth especially the warmth in heart. To feedback society is also our company’s growing force. In future, we’ll also hand in hand with chinese stars such as:Jackie Chan, Yao min and Lang lang etc to help the poor people and children all over world. 

Our will is “To build up first-class enterprise image, to keep the first-class quality”.